Stations of the Cross


These are the new Stations of the Cross for the Christchurch Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. These pieces were installed to celebrate the centenary of our Cathedral, and blessed at an ecumenical service on the 12th February 2005. The artist who was commisioned is Llew Summers, a controversial New Zealand artist known for his large sculptures of naked human forms. Mr Summers is not a Catholic.

The previous Stations of the Cross were oleographs of paintings in the traditional style (circa 1890). They were displayed in a wooden neo-gothic surround, which was felt to not be in keeping with the classical style of the Cathedral.

Each of Mr Summers' pieces cost $3000 New Zealand dollars.


16 Feb 2005 Unclothed Christ draws protest
16 Feb 2005 Artist unfazed by paritioners' criticism NewsTalk ZB / XtraMSN

17 Feb 2005 Naked Christ upsets flock The New Zealand Herald


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